Hello all! So we visited Indonesia earlier this month and it was such an amazing experience. I got to see my first ever volcano in real life. This was quite different than our usual holidays in London etc. but I’m glad we decided to go for a nature-y holiday. We played around the Mount Bromo… Read More Indonesia



We had missed a train which ruined our whole day full of plans so we had an impromptu visit to Oxford! It’s such a quiet town to begin with. The busiest place we probably went to was Nandos. However, it was very relaxing to be strolling around Oxford – one of the smartest places on… Read More Oxford



Next up, is Manchester. Well, Old Trafford. It was quite disappointing that we didn’t get to explore Manchester a little bit more. We didn’t even complete the full tour as we had to rush off to The Warner Bros. Studio next, so we were only on the tour for the first half of the session.… Read More Manchester



During the Summer holidays, my family and I visited went on a 2-week trip to UK! It was my first time here so it was pretty overwhelming, especially because I was so excited to see what I usually watch on YouTube. One of my favourites city was Cambridge. It was HUGE, yet there weren’t so… Read More Cambridge

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Lemon Detox Water

Lemons have always been one of my favourites, especially in Ice Lemon Tea. And that is why today, I’m going to show you how to make Lemon Detox Water. I found this recipe from a site that has received numerous positive feedback which you can find here. This recipe helps in digestion and of course, detoxification.… Read More Lemon Detox Water


Shell Out

Dedicated to my favourite aunt. Wish you were here xx hehe Look what this is, another Food-related post! Oh well, I guess you could say I’m a real Food-Lover. This restaurant however, I can’t not recommend. It’s Shell Out. Chances are, you’ve heard this before as its a popular one. I don’t know how many… Read More Shell Out



Last year, my family and I visited this little, modern restaurant by Kota Damansara. And we’ve been hooked ever since. Rakshee has and will always be one of my favourite restaurants to go to. It’s food is simple yet delicious. My personal favourite is the Bakso soup. Isn’t it cute how it comes in one-serving… Read More Rakshee


Dusun, Your Fruit Speacialist

I’ve never really been a fan of juices till my Mum decided to go all-organic one day. Thats when I knew juices would be my go-to for a healthier option as firstly, they’re delicious and secondly, refreshing! We ventured out to Sunway Nexus one day and came across ‘Dusun’! It’s a small little store, situated along the busy… Read More Dusun, Your Fruit Speacialist