Jonker Street

Hello! I have another travel blogpost and this time – it’s local! I’ve actually been to Malacca many times but the ‘kampung’ side of Malacca…

Caversham Park

This day was one of the best days of my trip in Perth as I got to touch and feed so many animals I’ve never seen before. And this visit to the the park has only concluded one thing – I really want to work here!

Margaret River

We spent 3 nights in Margaret River – a small town south of Perth. It was the countryside so it wasn’t very busy like Perth city.

Lake Cave

Lake Cave is one of the 7 most popular caves in the Margaret River region. Lake Cave however, is one of the most unique as it has it’s very own lake inside the cave itself.

Kuantan Getaway

Last weekend, my family and I went on our annual Kuantan getaway trip! We chose a different hotel this year and it was Royale Chulan….


We visited Indonesia earlier this month and it was such an amazing experience. I got to see my first ever volcano in real life!


We had missed a train which ruined our whole day full of plans so we had an impromptu visit to Oxford! It’s such a quiet…


I am the worst at football and I’m not the biggest football fan either but seeing the stadium in real life was so cool! My…