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Last year, my family and I visited this little, modern restaurant by Kota Damansara and we’ve been hooked ever since. Rakshee has and will always be one of my favourite restaurant to go to. It’s food is simple yet delicious.

How to Place Your Order

My personal favourite is the Bakso soup. Isn’t it cute how it comes in one-serving bowls for only RM1.90? I’d usually order 4-6 bowls every time because it’s THAT good.

My Kind of Meal

Today, I was feeling a little bit more adventurous and decided to try out the Rakshee Burger Mini. It’s beyond amazing. The meat tastes like black-pepper and overall, it looks cute. I had to try it. I also love how this plate is beautifully-presented. It’s also accompanied with fries which are sprinkled with spices.

No 13G, Jalan PJU 5/20A, The Strand, Kota Damansara

Open Daily, 9am – 11:30pm


Rakshee’s Instagram

Husna xx