gong xi fa cai

Happy Chinese New Year! Ahh, it’s finally a holiday again. I don’t celebrate Chinese New Year but I really like the ambience of it all, besides the traffic jams everywhere. I honestly love Chinese New Year because firstly, SALES. So many sales in so many stores. Secondly, I know some people hate it and are scared of it but I’m always so intrigued by lion and dragon dances. It’s quite cool, especially when they do some stunts but I learned the history and story about it once in Mandarin Class and it’s actually very interesting.

My school celebrated Chinese New Year on Friday. I wore a Cheongsam, which is the traditional Chinese costume. I wore the same one last year and I could barely fit it this year, but oh well.

Happy Chinese new Year to all my Chinese friends who are celebrating – literally 90% of my friends are Chinese haha. Eat a lot, get cash, get rich. And to the 10% who are not celebrating, happy holidays!