Why Don’t We

I have accomplished yet another goal in my life: to see Why Don’t We live. I’ve been hooked 😉 on the band ever since they released their single with Logan Paul. It’s their music and their voices but oh my god, their faces 😍 that has made me want to watch one of their concerts live for so long. And my dream came true last week. As soon as they announced their Asia tour, I had to go! Singapore is right next door, I can’t not go! It was a very lengthy process to convince my parents to get the tickets but it was all worth it.

I counted down to August 23rd, had their playlist on repeat and finally it was the day. I was more than excited. It felt like 2 years ago when I went to see 5 Seconds Of Summer live. The concert was at night so the adrenaline was so exciting, especially in the morning when I had to get my IC done so I was up very early. It took about an hour and we went to get ice cream after.

At around 6:30pm, we were off to Gateway Theatre. We had to queue up and it was quite a long wait but by 7pm, we were in the hall. The building itself was really cool and the inside was huge as well. Since I bought the tickets late, our seats were a little behind but I could still see the stage which was all that matter.

We were just in time for the show as their supporting act, Eben started his performance 15 minutes after we were all seated. He performed his hit songs and announced his new EP: Past Hundred Days which you can listen to on Spotify or iTunes. And at about 8pm, it was time.

The lights dimmed and the excitement that has been building up in me for months was finally ready to be let go. They played the intro video which showed the shadows of the boys and then it was dark again. The deafening scream of everyone in the hall only grew louder. We caught glimpses of their Yeezys shuffling on stage. The lights flashed and all of a sudden, the white screen appeared again to reveal the silhouettes of Corbyn, Jonah, Zach, Jack and Daniel.

Why Don’t We Just

It was all so surreal, to be honest. All this while I’ve only seen them on my computer or phone, and now they’re standing right there in front of me and I’m hearing them sing live. Wow. This just brought back so many memories from when I saw 5SOS for the first time.


My favourite part of the show was when they sang their mashups because their voices sound so good when they harmonise together. They performed their regular setlist which I’ve put together in a playlist so I can relive this night later on.

M.I.A. / Love You Better Mashup

They finished their show with the encore of their song: Talk. It didn’t feel like they went out with a bang because it all just went by so fast. I was expecting them to sing their latest song: 8 Letters, but they didn’t. So they left after Talk and never came back – which was very sad.

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the concert and would 10/10 go again, hopefully with VIP or Limelight passes. I’d like to thank my parents especially my Dad who had to suffer the piercing screams of teenage girls (including myself) for 2 hours. He has said I’m not allowed to go to anymore concerts but it was all worth it because I’ve always wanted to watch Why Don’t We live. I’d also like to thank Daniel James Seavey who has made me really obsessed with this band.

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment if you’d like. I know some of my school friends have found this blog through Instagram. Thanks for clicking on the link and reading this, hehe I see you. And also, while you’re here, listen to Why Don’t We’s debut album: 8 Letters. And I love promoting my favs so you can follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Spotify. Okay, thanks, love u.