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Oxford is such a quiet town to begin with. Either we came when everybody was busy or people generally stay indoors. The busiest place we went to was probably Nandos which even then, wasn’t packed at all! We only got see the exteriors of a few universities – which was such a shame as they were obviously one of the best – but we didn’t have enough time. 

At the Park!

Pembroke Street

Penny Farthing Place

We visited a park which had a few tourists, but was still very quiet. We also met up with some friends whom we had dinner together with. The park had amazing photo opportunities too. I really loved seeing the architecture of Oxford it was quite…interesting – especially the heads, haha. Most shops were closed during our time of visit so there wasn’t really much Oxford had to offer, but it was really calming to walk along the streets of Oxford – hoping it’ll be the same in a few years. 

Till next time, Oxford.