Caversham Park

After 3 days down south in Margaret River, we decided to head back North to spend our last 4 days with our family friends in Perth. Although we barely had enough sleep the day before, we were up and ready to go at 9am the next day to watch a soccer match.

After the soccer match, we made our way to Caversham Wildlife Park and arrived at around 1pm. We were told not to expect too much as it was not a zoo, but I absolutely enjoyed every single part of it.

When we arrived, we headed off to the Koalas first. It was like a little meet and greet session with them. The Koalas were adorable! It was disappointing that you could only touch the back of its legs as I was told that many years ago, you could actually carry and hug the Koala! We took a few photos and fed it some eucalyptus leaves before heading to the farm show.

Honestly, the farm show was not my favourite. They basically showed us how to shear a sheep, and I just felt really sorry for all the sheep (even though I love mutton). They also fed some milk to 4 baby goats – which was the cutest part of the show. After the show, the visitors were asked to milk some cows but we didn’t want to so we were off to the next station!

We went to a small enclosure that had guinea pigs, rabbits and also alpacas! Since I wasn’t 5 or under, I wasn’t allowed to go inside the guinea pig enclosure which was disappointing as I wanted to hold one but I did manage to feed some of them. This made me realise how much I actually wanted a guinea pig.

Next, we were off to the Wombats! I’ve never actually seen a Wombat before but oh my, it was ugly yet cute. It was sleeping throughout its meet and greet session. There were also many other animals around the Wombat station such as lizards (not my favourite), a possum – which also felt like a Koala. We also got to see different types of owls, a Kookaburra and a snake!

After visiting Molly’s Farm and the reptile enclosure, it was time for the finale – the kangaroos! I’ve never seen or touch a kangaroo before so I was really excited for this. They do look a little bit intimidating as they can stand up really tall but they were so nice and cute! The park provided us with food to feed the kangaroos – one even kissed me as I fed it! They nibbled out of your hands and it wasn’t painful at all. The kangaroo enclosure was huge for the kangaroos to hop about so there were many kangaroos for you to feed! I even manage to snap a photo of a kangaroo with her Joey! 

This day was one of the best days of my trip in Perth as I got to touch and feed so many animals I’ve never seen before. And this visit to the the park has only concluded one thing – I really want to work here!

For more information, visit their website here!