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Indonesia has always been on our bucket list but somehow, we never really found the perfect timing to visit until earlier this year! We visited Indonesia for the very first time and it was quite the experience. Even though I will always be in love with London, Indonesia was something different and obviously, closer to home so the culture and people were very similar.

Our first day was fully-packed! We had to wake up as early as 2 am as we wanted to view the sunrise. We went on a little hike to the top of a hill and it was freezzzzing! Unfortunately, it was a very cloudy and all we got to see was a white blank space, haih but at least we got to eat some hot corn on a cob.

The Disappointing SunriseAfter the disappointing ‘sunrise’, we headed to a HUGE sandy area where we had a mini photoshoot. This place was called the Pasir Berbisik – which directly translates to Whisper Sand. Every now and then, the wind would blow and the sand would come along. Yes, this meant that sand could get into your mouth and eyes very easily but at least we got great photos! This place was at the foot of a dormant volcano – Mount Bartok.

Pasir 'Berbisik'Mount BartokMount BartokAt about 10am, it was time to see a real and active volcano! We went to another part of the Pasir Berbisik, which was a looooong walk from the volcano but instead, horses were involved! The typical way to get to the foot of the volcano was by riding horses as it would’ve taken me hours to reach, hehe. You could just sit on the horse and enjoy the view while the helpers would help guide the horse.

Getting to the top was the challenge. The horses were unable to climb the stairs as it was obviously very steep. So they dropped us off by the stairs and we had to climb – which was very tiring as I was super hungry and tired. But after around 10 minutes, we were at the top of Mount Bromo! The view up there was beautiful. Although we didn’t see the boiling, molten lava, there were lots of steam coming out from inside the volcano which was one of the coolest things ever! It was really scary though as the only thing protecting us from falling inside was a wooden fence and plus, the walkway was really narrow and there were so many people.

Mount BromoWe took a few photos at the top and went back down. Climbing down was far easier than climbing up but I was still super hungry, so we stopped for some food at a stall by the stairs. I soon fell in love with Indomie – Indonesia’s version of Maggi Mee!

Indomie GorengOur main transport was a jeep as Bromo was too rocky and hilly for cars. It also had a lot (and a lot) of potholes. Luckily, our driver was experienced and very skilled as he been in the touring industry for years now. The jeep was rather uncomfortable however, but at least it got us to places.

Our tour guide brought us to many other tourist spots such as this place called the Savannah Block. It was a huge field surrounded with hills and hills and hills. It actually reminded me of Switzerland with it’s rolling hills and greenery. It was also very calming and relaxing as there were people who were sleeping, riding horses or getting foot massages!

Savannah BlockSavannah BlockSavannah BlockSavannah BlockSavannah Block

It was such a long and tiring day as we did SO many activities in just one day! From waking up at 2am in Bromo and heading to sleep at 11pm in Malang. I really recommend visiting Mount Bromo, just for the experience (and pictures, too)! I really enjoyed the horse riding, of course.

Meanwhile, here is a travel diary I put together from our stay in Indonesia, enjoy!

Till next time, Indonesia