Jonker Street

Hello! I have another travel blogpost and this time – it’s local! I’ve actually been to Malacca many times but the ‘kampung’ side of Malacca as I have relatives there but I’ve never actually been to the city of Malacca until recently! We only stayed there for 2 days so we didn’t do much except walk around Jonker Street, so that’s what I’m going to write all about.

I’ve never heard of Jonker Street in my life until my parents told me we were going there. Apparently, Jonker Street was a ‘big deal’ to many tourists when I didn’t even know what it was before this. We arrived at our hotel in the afternoon and relaxed for a couple hours. At around 7pm, we took a Grab to Jonker Street.

It started to rain just a few minutes after we arrived which was disappointing as we had to walk around with ponchos and could barely stop to take photos. It was also really busy and crowded so I didn’t have time to actually admire everything that was being sold. However, these lantern lights caught my eye and they were SO cute! I bought two – the rainbow hearts and pink & red lanterns. 

We also went to an accessory store and I bought two hats which you will see a lot later in the post and also a headband. The items were relatively cheap and are of decent quality too. We passed by this huge stage which was so bright and colourful!

We didn’t get to enjoy the full glory of Jonker Street last night so we went again the next morning. We started our journey from the Stadthuys, which is one of the most famous historical structures in the heart of Malacca city. We only took a few photos at the front of the building and then made our way to the actual Jonker Street.

This intersection was where the street actually began. This whole intersection was so colourful – you could have a whole Instagram photoshoot here. Firstly, there’s this all-red building which sold Chinese medicine (I think?). And then, there’s H&M which was all white on the outside – talk about aesthetics! 

We started walking down the street and it wasn’t like last night. There wasn’t a night market full of tents which made walking so much more relaxed. It was still quite busy and no tents meant that cars were allowed to drive through so we still had to be careful. 

We passed by many cool buildings. One of my favourites was this really cool Chinese building which looks straight out of Karate Kid haha. We also passed by (and took some photos at) Hang Kasturi’s tomb who’s an infamous historal warrior. 

Overall, I really enjoyed Malacca. It’s actually such a colourful and vibrant city with so many photo opportunities. The people there were also so friendly. Every Grab ride we took, we were always recommended with a new restaurant or place to go to because they were all just so friendly! I really enjoyed my stay at Malacca and will definitely be back to visit the others.

Till next time, Malacca xx