Kuantan Getaway

Last weekend, my family and I went on our annual Kuantan getaway trip! We chose a different hotel this year and it was Royale Chulan. It was a very aesthetically-pleasing hotel mostly because you can find a perfect picture spot anywhere!

The view from our balcony was beautiful and the lounge chair was also super comfortable, I fell asleep on there twice. 

After a filling breakfast, we spent our first few hours of the morning playing Monopoly. It was a scorching hot morning so we had to wait for the weather to cool down before making our way to the beach.

I’ve been to many beaches before but the one at Royale Chulan had the best lighting, as proven. It was high-tide season so we managed to catch a couple of huge waves. However, my sister and I didn’t manage to find ANY hermit crabs and those were our favourite things to do at beaches. Also, I had grown to love double braids during this hot weather as it got ALL of my hair out of the way for me to swim and splash. I am hopeless at tying my own braids so my Mum helped on this one, hehe. 

And those are all of the gorgeous photos from Kuantan. If you’re around Cherating, I absolutely recommend Royale Chulan. The whole resort has such great aesthetics, you can find a great picture spot anywhere! I’ll be back soon, obviously.


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