Lake Cave

Hello! I’m back with another post from my Perth trip. We’re bringing it underground with our first attraction – Lake Cave! Lake Cave is one of the 7 most popular caves in the Margaret River region. Lake Cave however, is one of the most unique as it has it’s very own lake inside the cave itself. It is one of the deepest on the ridge and you get to view a spectacular doline – everything I learned in Geography putting into good use!

The inside of the cave was well-lit with warm and neon lights which really brought out the beauty of Lake Cave. Towards the end of the tour, the guide switched off all the lights in the cave. It felt weird and scary at first when the lights slowly began to fade but as I sat there in pitch black, I felt relaxed and it was such a cool feeling that I can’t really describe – you’ve got to experience it yourself! If everyone was quiet enough, you could even hear the water droplets echoing through the chamber.

As you venture through, you can admire so many beautiful structures the cave has naturally formed like the suspended crystal structure. It was basically floating above water! The tour guide was very well-informative and delightful – I learned more in that 1 hour session that I have ever did in all my Geography lessons.

It was actually an amazing experience as this was the first cave I’ve visited. Although it was a cool experience, I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who’s claustrophobic. You’d have to walk through a really tight space as you enter the cave. Nevertheless, I would personally come back again to visit all the other caves in the Margaret River region.

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